DLA PIPER ALUMNI Location: United States
Wednesday 19 May
Wednesday 19 May
12:00PM - 01:00PM

Despite organisations’ best intentions to promote mental health, the reality remains that business demands, economic uncertainty and world events continue to present significant challenges to our well-being.

While most of us are aware of the importance of “resilience”, some may wonder if, instead of having to be more resilient, there is a way to better manage resources to ease the barrage of demands, particularly during a time when work-life balance is more delicate than ever before. In short, wouldn’t it be better if we simply had a little less to do – or at least fewer tasks and workplace interactions that activate our stress response? Put another way, what if we could spend more of our time doing work that energises rather than depletes us? Further, while the corporate world tends to favour rational, linear modes of thinking, our intuition can be a powerful asset to help us make better decisions and prioritise what matters in order to stand out.

This webinar will take a fresh look at time management, picking apart the cognitive science behind every day decision-making to help you to take control of your time and career by both mastering your energy; and harnessing the power of your intuition.


Stephanie Haladner

Stephanie Haladner

Stephanie Haladner is an independent speaker on diversity, the power of the mind and well-being. For over ten years, she has acted as a bridge between the corporate world and the personal development world, encouraging individuals to tap into their own wisdom to gain clarity and unleash potential. Stephanie is also a senior lawyer at a leading UK retail bank and previously practised in-house at various financial institutions through Axiom. Prior to her in-house career, she spent seven years in private practice as a banking lawyer at top law firms.


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